Media Guidelines

The goal of the public relations department of the Tunica Convention & Visitors Bureau is to provide journalists who are developing travel stories about Tunica with media-friendly resources and information.

To make sure we serve you as professionally and efficiently as possible, we have developed a set of guidelines that are intended to help ensure all journalists receive equal and prompt treatment. We want you to have a pleasant experience in working with Tunica, and to get the information you need in an efficient manner.

We appreciate your willingness to follow these guidelines, and we welcome your feedback on other ways we can assist you better.

All journalists will be asked to complete a short application before participating in an organized press tour of Tunica or receiving assistance in planning an individual trip.

All journalists seeking assistance in planning an independent site visit of Tunica are encouraged to give the Tunica Convention & Visitors Bureau at least three weeks' notice of their planned visit to Tunica. This is a courtesy we extend to the many private-sector partners (casino hotels, restaurants, attraction managers, event organizers, etc.) who will be working with us to make your trip a success.

Independent journalists will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the nearest airport to Tunica (Memphis International Airport). On press trips, transportation will be provided to and from the Memphis Airport to Tunica, and around Tunica during official press tours.

Accommodations, admissions to attractions and most meals will be provided by the Tunica Convention & Visitors Bureau and partners on organized press tours. Our public relations staff will attempt to negotiate complimentary or press-rate arrangements for independent writers, although we cannot guarantee success. Arrangements for independent writers will be handled on a case-by-case basis, depending on availability.

No spouses, children or significant others (or pets) may participate in an official organized press tour. Journalists traveling independently often choose to bring friends and/or family members with them. Please be aware that the presence of non-media affiliated guests may make it difficult for us to negotiate complimentary meals, accommodations or admissions. Responsibility for such arrangements and any associated expenses will be the responsibility of the journalist.

The Tunica Convention & Visitors Bureau kindly requests that all journalists who work with our public relations staff for assistance in planning a trip or who participate in an organized familiarization trip send the staff at least one original copy of any published article and/or photo that is generated by their visit to Tunica.